OCT 04 2016

Beyond Pure and Organic: A Serum Custom Made For You!

Your skin is unique. It has its own challenges and moods. The way it reacts to the weather, your stress levels and what you ate for dinner is so individual. 

No one understands this more than Province Apothecary. At its Holistic Skincare Clinic in downtown Toronto, PA hand-blends serums to suit a customer’s individual skincare needs. This is not one-size-fits-all beauty. “I rarely blend the same blend for anyone,” describes Julie Clark, botanical guru and founder of Province Apothecary. PA takes the time to understand your specific skin concerns and then creates a tailor-made recipe. Just for you.

During my interview with Julie in Farm-To-Face Beauty: Province Apothecary, I got a glimpse into the mind of a holistic health expert. Julie confessed that the Custom Serum is her favorite product. “Its almost like being a detective,” she says about the discovery process of assessing a client’s skin to formulate the right blend. 


The Province Apothecary Skin Consultation

  • You can get your skincare assessment in one of two ways: either as a stand-alone service or as part of a facial treatment at Province Apothecary's Holistic Skincare Clinic.
  • Can’t get to PA’s Skincare Clinic in Toronto? Fear not - you can fill out this Custom Serum Questionnaire on PA’s website, and PA will blend your custom serum according to the info you provide.
  • During the Skin Consultation you discuss your skincare needs with a PA Holistic Aesthetician. I met with Cassandra Bradshaw. As soon as I met Cass I knew I would be in good hands: she has makeup-free clear skin and thick shiny hair, all of which looks completely effortless, and a calm, I’m-going-to-take-care-of-you aura. 
  • She analyzed my skin, listened to my skin concerns, and asked me lots of questions to understand how my skin behaves according to the weather, under stress, in reaction to certain foods, etc. 
  • Armed with all this info, Cassandra began to blend my custom facial serum using ingredients and carrier oils targeted to my skin’s needs.
  • At the end of my consult, I got a 7ml Custom Facial Serum, and my custom recipe was filed in PA's database so I can easily re-order my personal blend.  

My Custom Serum Recipe

Here’s Cassandra describing the ingredients she blended for my Custom Serum:


  •  To recap, the essential oils are myrrh, patchouli and clary sage, which together regulate oil secretion throughout the day and heal the skin.
  • The main carrier oils are calendula and camellia oils. To these she added jojoba oil, raspberry seed oil, pomegranate oil, pumpkin seed oil, broccoli oil (who knew there was such a thing?), sea buckthorn oil, and rosemary oil. Phew! It’s a superfood antioxidant boost for you skin.
  • The ingredients are all certified organic, biodynamic, wildcrafted and sourced from each of the Canadian provinces.
  • No petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, dyes, alcohol, solvents, pesticides, GMOs, palm oil or its derivatives. 
  • PA's signature dark blue bottles protect the delicate ingredients from light exposure.

First Time Custom Serum 7ml + Assessment (CAN $40.00)

Repeat Custom Serum 15ml (CAN $47.00)

How I Use My Custom Serum 

  • I use it AM and PM. Trust me, you'll want to use this stuff as often as possible! In the morning I apply it after cleansing and before my SPF product.
  • I usually place 10 drops of the serum in my palm and add equal parts water, then mix together with my finger tips.
  •  I gently press it onto my face and neck and wait 5 minutes (10 minutes if I can) before applying other products and my makeup.

Results On My Skin

I had two main skin concerns when I met with Cass:

  1. First, my forehead and nose are normal-to-oily while the rest of my face is dry. Cass assured me that my custom blend would address both issues, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it does. The serum hydrates beautifully and makes my skin plump, dewy, bright and well-rested looking, while at the same time controlling oiliness and breakouts on my T-zone. My skin abosrbs it right away and never looks shiny or oily. The carrier oils are hydarating but incredibly light and leave zero oily residue.
  2.  Second, for years I've had these rough and reddish patches on either side of my mouth. No amount of moisturizing made them go away, and I would always cover them up with foundation. Since I’ve been using my custom serum these patches have gradually disappeared. It’s remarkable. I need to ask Cass which ingredients she blended into my serum that are so effectively targeting those rough patches. A good excuse to make another appointment at the heavenly PA Skincare Clinic…

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