Keu's Mission

Hi, I'm Sonia Keuroghlian, founder of Keu. Welcome to my site!

The concept for Keu was born as I began to realize that my friends and larger network of women were looking for direction on cosmetics and wellness.

Friends, family, and even people I meet on the street have always been asking me for beauty advice, and I was answering questions so frequently that it just seemed natural to create a space for women everywhere to visit and find the information they needed.

Keu is my way to reach all of you!

My perspective is that of a mom who needs to fit her skincare, beauty, and wellness routines within the demands of a busy family and work life. As a former corporate lawyer, I understand the juggling act that women perform every day. We may be moms, and may have demanding careers, but we’re also interested in finding effective skincare products, knowing what non-toxic makeup works best, fending off premature aging, and supporting our wellness.

The guidance I offer will be less aspirational and more practical. It will be effective and efficient. And, it will be thoroughly researched, as my legally-trained mind is hard-wired to do.

Speaking of motherhood and research, I’ll confess something: my kids used to eat my lipstick (and I know they’re not the first kids to do this). They would go into my purse or bathroom and bite and lick my lipsticks and lip balms. So I became seriously concerned about what they were ingesting. What was going into their little bodies? This lightbulb moment led me to research the ingredients in my makeup, and what I discovered was eye-opening to say the least.

Those of you who know me know I’ve always been passionate about living a lifestyle that’s as non-toxic as possible. This passion now extends to the products I use. The first change I made was to swap out all my makeup for clean alternatives. When it comes to researching product ingredients, I look to reputable, science-based resources, such as the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetics database, Skin Deep, among others.

My mission with Keu is to inspire women just like you to:

  • optimize your skincare routine with the most effective, non-toxic products
  • detoxify your makeup arsenal by transitioning to clean makeup without compromising on quality
  • discover innovative products and routines to improve your wellness.

I invite you into the Keu community and I'm thrilled to take this journey together!

Sonia's Story

For a decade, I worked as a corporate lawyer in Toronto and Boston. After my first child was born, I decided not to return to practicing law. The long hours and grueling schedule did not seem conducive to raising a child. And, more significantly, my heart had always been in the world of cosmetics and skincare.

I can vividly remember the first lipstick I ever owned. It was a pearlescent pink shade in a burgundy tube by a now defunct brand. I was at a department store with my grandmother, and despite my mother's objections, Grandma bought it for me (I had probably been begging for it so much that I wore her down). I must have been ten years old at the time. It was my first taste of the power of a product to lift you out of the mundane and inspire you to alter and improve yourself. As Emily Weiss, CEO and founder of Into the Gloss, articulated so well, "Products are a way to connect with, or disconnect from, who you are." I can still recall the smell of that first lipstick today. It was the beginning of a lifelong love for me.

For the almost three decades since then, I have been experimenting with, playing with, researching and immersing myself in everything related to skincare and cosmetics. But it always remained a hobby. A hobby that took a backseat to "real" work. Until now.

As a result of this "hobby", I have met with leading dermatologists in Boston, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto. I sat in their offices and, like a sponge, absorbed everything they relayed to me. I gained insight and knowledge into what really works, what is necessary and what is mere marketing fluff.

One of the most valuable skills I learned as a lawyer was how to conduct research. Thorough, proper research. Every product I recommend on my site has been researched for its ingredients and its efficacy. And then road-tested by me to determine how it feels, whether it's practical to use, and whether my friends would like it and actually use it.

Sonia xo