JUN 28 2016

Sherrieblossom Cosmetics Organizer

Few things have improved my beauty routine as much as this organizer. Originally made famous in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I hesitated to purchase it because of all the hype surrounding it. As well as the price tag. But I can honestly say it’s worth it and lives up to the hype.

Made of high-quality clear lucite, the Sherrieblossom organizers have a minimalist design that can work with any decor. They come in two styles, the Icebox and the Shorty, and two widths, the Wide and the Skinny. I have the Icebox Wide and use it to organize all my makeup, brushes, nail polishes and smaller skincare products.

Specs for Icebox Wide

  • 5 equal-sized drawers and one top section with a lid;
  • lid has hinges that allow you to rest it against a wall or open it all the way back;
  • removable “X”-shaped inserts inside the lid drawer that create 4 triangle-shaped compartments;
  • removable slide insert for dividing drawer space into 3 columns; and
  • removable grid that creates 6 compartments inside a drawer.

You can purchase additional inserts for $15 each, as well as a Novus cleaning kit for $25. I highly recommend getting the cleaning kit. The coating on the lucite is delicate and regular household cleaners are too abrasive for it. The Novus cleaners work really well and last a long time.

How I organize my Icebox Wide

  • top compartment: foundations, concealers, powders, bronzers, highlighters and blushes;
  • first drawer: eye makeup, eyelash curlers, false lashes;
  • second drawer: lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners;
  • third drawer: makeup brushes;
  • fourth drawer: nail polishes;
  • fifth drawer: small skincare products.

Being able to see exactly where each and every one of my products is has made my beauty routine much more efficient. I’m no longer fumbling through makeup pouches in search of what I need. And the organizer looks stunning on my bathroom counter.

Shorty Skinny and Shorty Wide (US $385.00)
Icebox Skinny and Icebox Wide (US $415.00)

[Several copy-cat products have emerged since the Sherrieblossom organizers hit the market. Order directly from the Sherrieblossom website to ensure you’re not getting a fake.]

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