JUN 06 2016

Some of Keu's Favorites


Hynt Beauty


For the woman who wants non-toxic cosmetics that feel glamorous. Hynt Beauty’s cosmetics are high-performance and made with skin-healthy ingredients. Every aspect of this line - from the color payoff to the packaging - is so luxurious, you will never miss those prestige mainstream cosmetics you used to love.

Ora Organic


Ora's Omega-3 spray, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Superfood Protein and Multivitamin are made with the purest organic, plant-based ingredients. Ora was created by and for healthy foodies to replace synthetic supplements with nutrients from real organic food. They have set the bar for quality, efficacy and radical transparency in the supplements industry. Ora's in-house chef creates flavors that taste great to make the supplement experience enjoyable. 

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The Detox Market

Detox Your Skin, Detox Your Beauty

With locations in Los Angeles and Toronto and an extensive online store, The Detox Market is an award-winning concept store with a curated selection of natural cosmetics, skincare and lifestyle brands. Each product is carefully tested for purity, safety and effectiveness and must meet the company’s stringent standards. This is my go-to mecca for non-toxic beauty, skincare, wellness teas and drinkable beauty elixirs.