OCT 18 2016

My Favorite Province Apothecary Products

It was hard to pick favorites, but here are my three can’t-live-without Province Apothecary products!

1. Essential Oil Incense Sticks

Effortless aromatherapy for everyday spaces.

  • The Cedar Wood is a smoky, grounding scent that makes your space smell like a forest. It’s my personal fave.
  • The Lavender is calming and soothing, perfect for winding down after a long day.
  • The Black Spruce + Fir Balsam is invigorating and refreshing and reminds you of winter holidays - in a subtle, elegant way. 

PA infuses the charcoal incense by hand using wildcrafted essential oils known for their therapeutic effects. Lighting these around your home not only provides aromatherapy benefits, but it’s a hundred times more effective at cleaning the air than lighting candles or spraying air freshener. And no need to worry about what you’re inhaling - there are no synthetic fragrances or other toxic ingredients in these sticks.

I keep all three scents in my home and use whichever one suits my mood. As soon as I light one and start to smell the aroma, I feel calmer and more grounded.

20 sticks per package (CAN $16.00)

2. Healing Eczema Balm