SEP 06 2016

Red Carpet Green Beauty

This brand’s reputation certainly preceded it. For years I’ve been hearing about Tracie Martyn’s transforming facials, which Tracie performs out of her gorgeous Fifth Avenue salon. This past August in NYC, I had the pleasure of meeting Marius Morariu - skin nutritionist, director of R&D, and co-founder of the brand. As I tried and tested the products, I kept thinking:

These products can’t be natural and safe.
They just can’t.
They’re too luxurious, too glamorous.

But that’s how far green beauty has come.

Pictured above is the master esthetician herself, Tracie Martyn, in her Fifth Avenue salon.

I’m not the only one impressed by the performance and caliber of this line. During New York Fashion Week, the Tracie Martyn salon is bustling with some of the most high-profile designers and models. Diane Von Furstenberg, Brandon Maxwell, Naomi Campbell, Hilary Rhoda, Kenya Kinsky-Jones, and Lindsey Wixson - to name a few. It’s where the fashion world’s major players go to recharge and rejuvenate their skin (and minds) during the hectic days of NYFW.

The most sought-after treatment is the Red Carpet Facial. Also referred to as the “Haute Couture of All Treatments” - a term coined by Tracie Martyn’s fashion industry clientele. Martyn heard the reference so often that she had the term “Haute Couture of All Treatments” trademarked.

What is the Red Carpet Facial?

Many of Tracie Martyn’s clients are designers, models and actors who need to look their best for an event or shoot. They need treatments that deliver immediate and lasting results without any downtime. So Tracie developed the Red Carpet Facial and the other most popular treatment, the Resculpting Facial, in response to demand from her clients for a non-invasive treatment that made them look lifted, well-rested, and younger. It took years to perfect the treatments, which rely on a combination of the brand's natural and organic products and unique techniques.

 Above left: the welcome desk where clients check in before a service. Above right: one of six treatment rooms in the salon.

What Can You Expect During the Red Carpet and Resculpting Facials?

After entering the stunning salon on Fifth Avenue, you’re taken to one of six treatment rooms, and the treatment unfolds like this:

  • skin is cleansed with the Amla Purifying Cleanser (see review below);

  • gentle diamond-tip microdermabrasion is used to to remove dead skin cells and prep the skin for treatment;
  • the aesthetician then assesses your skin and uses either the Complexion Savior (see review below) or the Enzyme Exfoliant;

 Pictured above is the Complexion Savior; below is the Enzyme Exfoliant.

  • What products are used next depends on the esthetician’s assessment (the treatment is customized to each client); 
  • The piece de resistance is the Resculptor®, Tracie Martyn’s trademarked device that’s exclusive to her salon. The Resculptor® emits a unique, mild current to stimulate the facial muscles and energize the complexion;
  • LotuSculpt EyePads are placed under the eyes to provide a collagen boost to the eye area. They moisturize, calm, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and dark circles;

Above are the LotuSculpt Eye Pads

  • The esthetician then applies a dose of the Firming Serum, followed by a peptide-enriched oxygen mist to boost elasticity.


Pictured above is the Firming Serum


Customized LED Technology During Red Carpet Facial

  • Clients who receive the Red Carpet Facial get an additional weapon from Tracie’s arsenal: a pulsating amber LED light which, coupled with the Resculptor®, produces even more dramatic results.
  • The LED technology has the ability to stop collagen-destroying enzymes called MMP's. During the Red Carpet Facial, the LED lights are customized to each client’s skin needs. Struggling with a breakout before an event? Tracie will use blue LED light in addition to the amber. Is hyperpigmentation your main concern? Powerful green LED light will be used along with the amber light.
  • As Marius explains, “We want our clients to be 100% taken care of no matter what their skin challenge may be. There is a reason designers called this facial The Haute Couture of All Treatments. We raised the bar to the highest considering that cameras are unforgiving.”

The Results
Taut, glowing, radiant skin - instantly. The appearance of more defined facial features: a tighter jawline, lifted cheekbones, firmer and more rested eyelids. The results are cumulative over successive treatments.

Of course the tightening and brightening effects do eventually wear off, and you will need regular treatments to maintain the results. But this isn't much different from invasive treatments like fillers and Botox. Those don’t last forever either and must be repeated every so often to maintain their results. As Tracie describes it, “My treatments are like having mini-lifts without the downtime.” And without a single needle penetrating your skin. Oh, and the benefit of a relaxing 60-minute escape that feels as restorative as a good night’s sleep. 

Keu readers receive a special 15% discount on the Resculpting Facial and the Red Carpet Facial. 

Resculpting Facial is 60 minutes (US $275 for Keu readers) 
Red Carpet Facial is 60 minutes (US $382 for Keu readers) 

To schedule a Resculpting Facial or Red Carpet Facial at the Tracie Martyn Skin Care Salon, click here and use code KEU15 at checkout, or call 212-206-9333 and mention code KEU15 when booking.

The Tracie Martyn Products

When you have such a discriminating client base, your products need to be luxurious and deliver visible results. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, the Tracie Martyn team was determined to make their products natural and safe for the estheticians applying them and non-toxic to the environment.

The result is a range of products that take green beauty to the next level. This is not your average spa product line. It’s a sophisticated range securely based on science that also draws from the most tried-and-true elements of Ayurvedic medicine and Gemceuticals.

Why I love the Ingredients

  • Tracie Martyn is passionate about using only safe and eco-friendly ingredients and avoiding petrochemicals of any kind. 
  • Synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, plastics, dyes, fragrances and silicones, which are common in mainstream skincare and cosmetics, are derived from the oil industry. You won’t find any of these in the Tracie Martyn products.
  • You also won’t find any sulphates, detergents, parabens or mineral oil.
  • What you will find are natural ingredients combined with high-tech cosmeceutical components.
  • The products are never tested on animals, are packaged with FSC Certified materials, and printed with soy ink.

My Three Fave Tracie Martyn Products

[These are short and sweet summaries of my fave Tracie Martyn products. Stay tuned for the next three blogs on Keu for more in-depth info about these cutting-edge products!]

1. Amla Purifying Cleanser

You know how smooth your skin feels after using an exfoliant? That’s exactly how my skin feels after using this cleanser: bright, refined and baby-soft. Which is amazing because there are no granular beads in the Amla Purifying Cleanser.

The exfoliating action comes from the combination of salicylic, lactic and malic acids. It’s a very gentle exfoliation that doesn’t cause any redness or irritation, and can be used daily. These three extracts also provide antibacterial protection and prevent breakouts.

The other star ingredient is the amla extract, which is part of the revered Ayurvedic Rasayana formulas. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants and therefore brightens and heals the skin.

Keu readers receive a special 15% discount on Tracie Martyn skin care products. Click here to purchase and be sure to use code KEU15 at checkout.

Amla Purifying Cleanser 50g / 1.69 Fl oz (US $65.00)


2. Complexion Savior

This light, oil-free mask is deceptively powerful. It’s a clear gel that evens out skin tone, hydrates, purifies, and protects the skin. What's more, it’s infused with gemceuticals from the malachite crystal that help produce glutathione - our body’s most important antioxidant. The Complexion Savior plumps, hydrates, cools and soothes stressed skin with multiple anti-irritants in a soothing base of organic aloe vera.

You can leave it on as a mask for the face and neck for 5-15 minutes, or use it as an overnight treatment. It’s a savior during long flights because it keeps skin calm and hydrated, and it’s transparent so you won’t need to hide from the other passengers. No brightly colored mask shame with this stuff.

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Complexion Savior 50g / 1.69 Fl oz (US $80.00)


3. Shakti Face and Body Resculpting® Cream

Shakti Face and Body Resculpting® Cream is the product version of Tracie Martyn’s face and body treatments. It contains sophisticated ingredients that help lift, firm and contour both face and body.

The Tracie Martyn team spent years developing the formula because they were determined to achieve the desired resculpting effect using only natural and non-toxic ingredients. So which ingredients made the cut? Black currant seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, green tea extract, Bulgarian rose water, caffeine, and coenzyme A - to name a few.

Shakti Face and Body Resculpting® Cream is also deeply hydrating and smells divine. I keep the larger size at home and the regular size for traveling. It’s my face cream and body lotion all in one. Love. It. 

Click here to purchase and be sure to use code KEU15 at checkout. 

Shakti Face and Body Resculpting® Cream (regulsr size) 75g / 2.6 Fl oz. (US $108.00)
Shakti Face and Body Resculpting® Cream (large size) 191g / 6.4 Fl oz (US $175.00)