MAR 07 2016

Ditch the Sulfates! Sulfate-Free, Skin-Loving Cleansers

Whoever said dry skin only happens to “mature” skin? Although that’s what skin care companies will have you believe, anyone with dry skin knows otherwise. I’ve been dealing with dry skin since I was a child - skin that feels tight, can get flaky, and rather than looking glowy usually looks dull.

Ever since I made the switch to sulfate-free cleansers, I almost never get dry skin anymore. Now I realize that the cleansers I was using were stripping my skin's moisture. I’ve been amazed at how thoroughly sulfate-free cleansers do clean. And in a more gentle way that protects and respects the skin's acid mantle. Some of them even lather and foam (as you will read about in the posts that follow) - so you don't ever need to miss out on that sudsy feeling. There are some formidable cleansers out there with ingredients that work to remove excess oil, makeup and pollutants without removing the skin's good bacteria and necessary moisture. I’ve tried more than I can count and have narrowed them down to four winners - one is milky, one is oil-based, and two are foaming. Read my posts on Mereadesso, La Roche-Posay Toleriane, One Love Organics and Consonant to find out about these sulfate-free, skin-loving cleansers and decide which one is right for you!

Sonia xo